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February 22 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 02:09 ]
All this thief wanted was some money .... All this thief wanted was some money which he definitely could take from this posh house. However, he found something that made him forget about the purpose of his visit. A little pig-tailed blondie was peacefully sleeping in her bed - so why not waste a couple of minutes fucking her! She started screaming when his strong hands ripped her little panties off, so he had to gag her mouth with a piece of cloth. Shit! Her pussy was so fresh and tight that he couldn't pull his cock out of it for half an hour - pumping this doll in all the poses he could only imagine...
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February 20 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 20:15 ]
Anita really wanted her ex-boyfriend ... Anita really wanted her ex-boyfriend to see her in her new wedding dress the night before the most special day in her life - so she couldn't do anything smarter than invite him into her house. What did she expect - that the guy will wish her love and happiness and just leave? Hell no!!! He simply dragged her onto the bed, pulled her skirt up and fucked the shit out of her fresh smooth hole - ignorant to her desperate shrieks.
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February 18 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 13:47 ]
Nina was so eager to try her wedding ... Nina was so eager to try her wedding dress on that she started getting rid of her clothes right after the delivery guy handed her the package. She didn't even notice that he still was there - staring at her fresh nubile body so lustfully that his eyes seemed to be popping out of their orbits. She gave out a shriek when he savagely pushed her onto the couch, pulled up the skirt - hell, she even forgot to put her panties on - and started fighting with his belt buckle. She gave up trying to resist him when his strong hands spread her wide yummy hips - there was no chance of holding this enormous meat back!
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February 16 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 21:51 ]
This ass was something Yuri ... This ass was something Yuri was dreaming of since he was a teenager - big, but not fat, soft and so pleasant to touch. Suddenly, the chick slapped Yuri's hand and started yelling something about the penalties for sexual harassment and stuff... Bitch! She definitely didn't know that only the word "cops" was enough to make this very guy angry as hell. The next minute she was already naked struggling to break free from his iron grip - but there was already simply no way for her to escape a hard doggy-style fuck!
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February 13 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 03:46 ]
Rita was a really good girl ... Rita was a really good girl - she had never done a blowjob, never taken a cock down her little chocolate hole, she even hadn't let anyone facialize her. However, one beautiful day two drunk Russian studs changed it all - they just weren't the ones to listen to stupid excuses. All they wanted was her pussy - and they were definitely going to check it out even if Rita didn't want it - hey simply ripped her clothes off and filled her tight holes with their huge sturdy cocks - one into her squelching pinkie, another into her open yelling mouth! Do it, you nasty whore!
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February 10 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 15:17 ]
Old friends are not always what they seem ... Old friends are not always what they seem, Serj always had a thing for Alex's girl, Alex found out the hard way when Serj forces Alex to watch him fuck he's girl. Watch her Scream knowing she is powerless!
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February 08 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 23:25 ]
It's always pleasantly to date a cool girl. It's always pleasantly to date a cool girl. Fucking her is much more pleasantly, but it is boring. Mike had to go through something special - two strangers have tied him up and fucked his new girlfriend directly on his eyes! It impresses.
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February 05 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 04:55 ]
Forced Witness features the most ... Forced Witness features the most shocking content available anywhere on the web.We have videos of men being made to watch while their loved ones are fucked. Tied up and powerless, they can do nothing but watch as their wives, girlfriends, sisters... the people they care about are violated. What they witness, they will never forget... and neither will you!
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February 02 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 23:03 ]
Has the most EXTREME and VIOLENT forced sex ... Has the most EXTREME and VIOLENT forced sex movies ever to be put online, Young teen girls forced to take huge cock in every hole, treated like dirty street whores!Women held against their will, tortured and forced to do the most insane sexual acts.Hear their screams of pain and suffering as they are brutally fucked. Watch the horror on their faces in High Quality video inside
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January 30 2009
Posted by sexorporn  [ 04:16 ]
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